Wrought candle-holder Figure Eight
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Hand-made, wrought candle-holder with a distinctive decoration in the shape of Figure Eight belay.

Not only for the fans of climbing.

This metal candle-holder is a beautiful example of artistic smithery. It is made by the artistic blacksmith Petr Novotný.

It is best to use large candles with this candle-holder.

Wrought Candle Holder Swan
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Elegant hand-made wrought candle-holder in the shape of a swan from the workshop of the artistic blacksmith Petr Novotný.

Spice up your interior with a unique metal candle-holder.

The candle is not included in the package.

Two-branched Candelabrum
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Two-branched candelabrum with a base made of massive, manually polished piece of ash.

The metal part of the candle holder is a handiwork from the workshop of blacksmith Petr Novotný.

Candles are not included.