Buffalo Tooth

Buffalo Tooth

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Luxurious knife from the workshop of artistic blacksmith Jan Šerák.

The blade is made of tool steel and the handle of bronze with a buffalo horn.

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What does the product bring to its future owner?

● A high-quality knife with remarkable artistic details.

● A knife with very good cutting characteristics.

● Uniqueness in contrast with impersonal global products.

● Hand made. With a certificate of genuineness.

Materials used

● High grind with a small bezel at the end guarantees remarkable cutting

characteristics. Hardness of the tempered part is approx. 58 HRC.

● The guard made of patinated bronze elegantly fits the polished, water

buffalo, horn (Origin: India) the original structure of which is partially


● The blade is made of partially quenched tool steel 19191 with etched hamon.

● Type of construction: Glued with epoxy glue on the tang.

● This kind of steel is not stainless and requires special care (detailed

information can be found in the instruction leaflet).

● Corrosion (oxidation) is a natural reaction of steel to its surroundings and

it does not mutilate the knife, but it can be prevented by proper


Tips for use

● An unusual gift.

● A unique piece to your collection.

Useful information and notification

● Knives are for cutting, not for chopping, throwing, carving, prying,

screwing nor any other kinds of rough handling!

● The blade or other parts of the knife made of structural or carbon steel

should be kept oily because the grease (fat, oil) creates safety coating on

the surface.

● Always wash the knife after use, dry carefully and preserve if possible.

● For usage in the kitchen, we recommend medical vaseline (for a short

period of time a bit of sausage or bacon grease is enough).

● All our knives made of carbon and Damascus steel are preserved with

Konkor101 oil.

● The wooden stand is not included in the package.


● Sharpen with grinding stones with grit designation 320 or higher. The

smoother the edge, the better the cutting characteristics. It is important

to keep the proper bezel angle.

● Sharpening steel is only for the maintenance of the edge, not for grinding.

The sharpening steel should be moved against the cutting edge while

simultaneously alternating sides, in order to remove the burr.

Jan Šerák

Data sheet

19191 tool steel (blade), bronze and buffalo horn (handle)
Blade length (in mm)
24.60 cm
2 kg
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