Do I have to register when placing an order?

No. Nevertheless, the registration will spare you the filling in of contact and invoice data the next time you order something.

Can I order items by phone or in person at the shop?

For now only ordering via e-shop is possible.

Is it safe to pay by card or online?

Yes. The payment will proceed through the gate of GOPAY company, which is entirely governed by the Czech legislation and a full regulation from the Czech National Bank and the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic as an institution of electronic money. (more at:

What about sending cash on delivery?

Service cash on delivery is possible only for customers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

What is your delivery time?

Delivery time can be found on the product page.

I am not satisfied with the delivered item and I wish to return it. What should I do?

The item can be returned during the following 30 days without giving any reason. You simply fill in an on-line form and pack the item. We will take care of the rest.

When does the 30-day period start?

The period starts on the day after the day of delivery.

Which items cannot be returned?

It is impossible to return items that from its first use irretrievably lose its qualities and original characteristics and were used (candles, firelighters), or items verifiably damaged (e.g. partly burnt, cut, drilled).

I want to return an item in the above specified 30-day period. When will I receive the money back on my account?

We will send the money on the same day we receive the item you returned. Then it is only a matter of how fast the banks are able to perform the transaction.

Who pays for the shipping when I am returning an item? In case it is me, what is the charge?

You do not need to worry. Not a single coin will leave your wallet. In case of returning the item, our company pays for the shipping.

The item looks differently than the one in the picture.

Handicrafts we sell are made of natural materials such as wood, metal or other materials. Slight deviations from the pictures and product descriptions might appear. For example, wood is a natural product with differences in colour, graining and irregularity in growth. Deviations of the structure or colour of particular parts of wooden products are subjects to change without notice because they are natural features of natural materials. Especially large blocks made of solid wood have unstable humidity. The piece of wood can change volume and proportions, it can distort and its cracks can broaden in time. These complications are not a problem and they are not reasons for a complaint.

How long does it take to settle the complaint?

From the day when we accept the item we have 30 days to settle the complaint.

Is it possible to pick up my order in person?

It is possible to pick it up in person at the branches Zásilkovna (opening ours of individual branches can be found at 

How do I find out that my order is ready to pick up?

Once your order is ready at the particular branch, you will receive an information e-mail.

I would like to pick up my order in person, but this option is not displayed in the basket.

1) You have probably chosen an item that is too heavy to be sent via Zásilkovna branches – 10 kg. 

2) To collect your purchase at one of our branches is possible only in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.