You will be informed via email that we accepted your order. We will send another email when we hand over your order to the shipping company. Be sure to enter a valid email address.

If no automatic confirmation email arrives during 60 minutes after you place the order, contact us via

We recommend checking your SPAM folder as well.

Delivery costs

Delivery costs correspond with the weight of your order and with the country the order is going to be delivered to (e.g. with the distance the package must travel).

Free delivery

Delivery is free for every order over 96 €, or when the weight is 30 kilograms or more.

Delivery costs for the particular countries can be found in the table below. The prices in the table are final, no additional duty or fees (e.g. packing) are charged.

Prices in €.

0 - 5 kg 5,01 - 10kg 10,01 - 30 kg 30 kg + Delivery time (days)
Austria 8,5 10,6 18 Free shipping 2 - 4 
Czech republic 3,92 4,7 7,1 Free shipping 1 - 3 
France 22,25 23,31 26,49 Free shipping 2 - 5 
Germany 8,5 10,6 18 Free shipping 2 - 4 
Poland 6,36 8,48 18,01 Free shipping 2 - 4 
Romania 7,95 12,19 27,55 Free shipping 3 - 5 
Slovakia 6,36 7,42 10,07 Free shipping 2 - 3 
United Kingdom 22,25 23,31 26,49 Free shipping 2 - 5 


We cooperate with shipping companies Intime, Zásilkovna and Uloženka, that further cooperate with DPD, Czech Post, Slovak Post, Austrian Post, Deutsche Post.

In most cases, when the ordered products are in stock, we guarantee the delivery according to the delivery times stated in the table. In other cases the delivery time is visible on the page of the product.

Delivery time

The delivery time in the case of online card payment or credit transfer is counted from the moment your payment is received. In case of COD, it is from the moment of placing of the order. The delivery time counts working days only (weekends are not included).

Where we do not deliver

We do NOT deliver to the countries that are not stated in the table. We apologize for this and thank you for your understanding.

What should I do if the order does not arrive?

Please, contact us via our email address

Incorrect delivery: Something else than you ordered arrived?

In case the product that was delivered is different than the one you had placed in your order, please let us know about the difference via our email address

We will make contact with you and we will agree on how we should proceed so that the process is as comfortable for you as possible. The return of such order will always be paid by us.

Delayed order

We will inform you in case your order has been delayed.

The products you ordered are not in stock

In case the products are unavailable we reserve a right to cancel the order. In such case the customer is informed immediately. If a payment has already been made, the full amount will be returned immediately in the same way it was received.

Didn’t you manage to pick up your order in time?

If the shipment has not been delivered within the required deadline, the buyer is required to pay the shipping charges.

Package tracking

The carrier will send you a message with the information on where and how you can track the shipment to the email you provided in the order

Do you have any questions concerning delivery?

In case of any questions concerning delivery do not hesitate to contact us via our email address

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