We prefer original ideas and quality to quantity

We do not sell mass produced goods made by machines, but rather products of craft made by people who really care about their work and with whom we can be sure that they use only high-quality materials. Craftsmen who really love to do their job and who create items with soul. Those, who do not mindlessly create the same products over and over again, but who dedicate some time to pause for a while and think about what part of the product could be altered. Thanks to all this, each of our products is unique.

You think we are pulling your leg? Authenticity of some of the products is confirmed with a certificate signed by its author or with an original product code.

We put the accent on the reliability of suppliers

We cooperate only with suppliers that that were carefully vetted or those that we know very well. We try to support crafts and local producers.

We sell products from sheltered workshops

We give a chance to people with various disabilities. It is not true that a disabled person cannot create a product of the same quality as the person without handicap. You can found out more about it in our e-shop and through us you can support sheltered workshops.

And why are we doing all this?

We like original products with a story, which are a counterpart to impersonal global products and which last for several generations.

We want to support traditional crafts that are being replaced by big companies these days.

We want you to enjoy the products made by real handicraft experts.


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Personal data

Mirjam Zelenková

IR: 08382026

Haškova 3, 638 00 Brno, Czech republic



IBAN: CZ2620100000002401671509

Because of the small business status I do not charge VAT. All prices in this online shop, including the costs for delivery and shipping costs, are final prices.

Regular suppliers

Drvoštěp (Woodcutter)

Wooden products provider. Hand-crafted products made of raw wood, each piece is unique. Made with love, to nature.

Jan Šerák

Artistic blacksmith, cutler and renovator. Handicraft, high quality and originality are key factors in the process of creating knives, custom-made wedding rings and many other products among which everyone can choose what they like.

Petr Novotný

Artistic blacksmith and girdler. He puts accent on traditional smithery.