Rare Wood Smoking Pipe Nr.288

Rare Wood Smoking Pipe Nr.288

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  • Delicately handmade with an emphasis on every detail
  • A pipe with history – made of wood more than 100 years old
  • Unique briarwood graining, preserved with wax
  • Elegant design which makes use of the wood graining




Unique, hand-made tobacco pipe, exceptional for its incredible history.

It is made of a hundred years old briarwood that was originally owned by the legendary Czech tobacco pipe maker Václav Průša (1890-1958). He established his workshop in the thirties, but was forced to interrupt his craft due to political reasons. His briar blanks therefore remained idle until they came into the hands of Michal Novák, the top of the current Czech pipe industry.

Briarwood is ideal for making pipes regarding both aesthetic characteristics and suitability. Beautiful graining that resembles bird feathers enables resourceful creation of shapes and designs. Despite its required hardness, the material is workable enough.

Another advantage is the resistance extreme temperature differences which are present on the inner side of the tobacco chamber during smoking and on the outer side that is held by a smoker’s hand. Surprisingly perhaps, the older the pipe is, the higher the resistance.

The pipe is only waxed, not stained; drilled 18 millimeters.

A unique piece, created with love and emphasis on every detail. It is a beautiful handmade product, suitable for every tobacco pipe lover.


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