Wood Block Stool

Wood Block Stool (25x25x40 cm)

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A wooden block made of beech heartwood - a piece of nature that beautifully supplements your interior.

Every crack and knot accentuate the natural look of the massive wood. Every piece is unique, confirmed by the certificate of genuineness.

All wooden blocks are impregnated with a high-quality oil to preserve their beauty for a long time.




What does the product bring to its future owner?

  • A piece of nature in our highly mechanized age.

  • Individuality in contrast with impersonal global products.

  • A piece of handicraft confirmed by a stamp with a unique product number.

Mateials used

  • Wood blocks are made of beech heartwood.

  • To cut a squared timber with the edges 30x30 cm, sometimes even a 300 years old log with a diameter 60-70 cm had to be used.

  • Where it is convenient, together with our blacksmith we make a harmonized composition, created by traditional methods that have been used for centuries.

Tips for use

  • Unusual gift
  • Bedside table, stool, side table, decoration.

  • At home, in a cottage, in a restaurant, in an office.

Practical information and notification

  • On the bottom side, there are felt pads placed for safety.
  • There is also the Drvoštěp® logo and the unique product number.
  • You will get a certificate of genuineness signed by the maker with every block.

  • Intended for the interior. Protect from rain and moisture.
  • Wooden parts are impregnated by first class sanitary oil "Festool Heavy Duty". In case there are metal parts by our blacksmith, they are varnished.
  • Slight deviations from the pictures as to crack size, structure, graining and colour of the wood are natural features of natural materials. These differences are not a problem, but rather the opposite. No two pieces are alike – get your own unique piece!


Data sheet

Surface finish
oil Festool Heavy Duty
25 x 25 x 40 cm
30 kg
New product