Wrought Tulip

Wrought Tulip

€50.00 + Shipping
  • Present your beloved a tulip that lasts forever

  • Original flower from the workshop of artistic blacksmith Jan Šerák

  • Elegant gift box included




What does the product bring to the future owner?

● Aesthetically pleasing flower that will never fade.

● Genuineness in contrast with impersonal global products.

● Manual production confirmed with a mark of genuineness with a unique

product code.

Materials used

● The stem and the leaf are made of hand-wrought steel – each leaf and stem

is slightly different.

● The flower has eight leaves made of wrought copper, arranged in two rows.

Tips for use

● Unusual gift.

● For your home, cottage or a restaurant.

Useful information and notification

● The surface is brushed and varnished with clear varnish to maintain the metallic look.

● The varnish is intended for the interior – there is a danger of corrosion when left in the


● The wooden stand is not included in the package.

Jan Šerák

Data sheet

Steel and copper
35 cm
0.50 kg
New product